Our pan mixers, also known as turbine mixers, are ideal for both wet and dry cast concrete their design has been perfected over many years and now offer a fast and reliable mixing option.

The mixer contains a series of individual mixing arms which are carefully positioned to both move the material from the hub of the mixer to the wall and back whilst also folding the material over itself during the process.

Each mixing arm is support by an elasticated joint arm allowing the mixer to skip over smaller obstructions.

Why choose a Sicoma OMG pan mixer?

  • Thorough mixing of both full and partial batches
  • Deep mixing chamber can be filled to full capacity
  • Large reduction gearbox means mixer can start with a full load
  • Fast and complete discharge

Pan mixer features

Mixing tank

Sicoma pan or turbine mixer tank
Turbine / Pan mixer tank

Our pan mixers can be separated into two or more parts, making transportation easy. Line up the positioning pins, bolt together and your mixer is ready to use on-site. The tank walls and floor can be lined in your choice of varying levels of wear resistant steel.

Mixing arms

Sicoma turbine mixer arms
Mixing arms

All the mixing arms are connected to the rotating turret with spring shock absorbers operated by cams. This system absorbs shocks caused by the mix blades hitting small obstructions which helps to protect the gearbox. It also allows easy adjustment of the mix blades clearance to the tank floor.

Agitator and discharge accelerator system

Sicoma turbine discharge system
Discharge system

Our turbine mixers can be fitted with one or twin rotating agitator systems which increase mixing efficiency and reduce your mix cycle time. A special discharge blade can further reduce the total mixing cycle time.

Discharge door

Sicoma pan mixer door
Discharge door

All parts of the discharge door are produced using very accurate CNC machining and the full door assembly is then bolted to the tank. This guarantees the correct positioning of the door and that the door segment rotates in a perfect arc and is in contact with the rubber door seal on the tank. This prevents any unwanted leakage when the door is closed and prevents any possibility of the door jamming.

High pressure washout system

Sicoma pan mixer high pressure washout system
Pan mixer high pressure washout system

Our wash out systems have adjustable spray nozzles on two rotating steel spray bars, to jet water across the whole mixer floor. As they rotate, the mixing arms and paddles are washed from two fixed bars, which also spray the pan walls for a complete mixer clean out.