Our twin shaft concrete mixers can cope with any mixing job

The most widely used, heavy duty twin-shaft models in the world today. Also known as double-shaft mixers, we have over 6000 in use from ready-mix to precast, block, paver and dam applications.

Sicoma OMG twin shaft mixing elements
Twin shaft mixing elements

Why choose a Sicoma OMG twin shaft mixer?

  • Range of sizes from 1 to 8 cubic meters
  • 24/7 continuous batch production
  • Central mixing reduces wear on outer liner tiles
  • NI-Hard tiles give longer life with extra-abrasive aggregates, with quick and easy replacement
  • Patented triple shaft seals act as one-way valve, with less grease use and no mix contamination
  • All gearboxes CNC manufactured in-house
  • Oil-bath lubricated gearboxes and bearings reduces maintenance

Twin shaft mixer features:

Mixing blades and arms

The position, orientation and large number of blades, give you the right combination between rolling and turning during the mixing action. Our mixing arms are made from spheroidal cast iron, whilst the mixing blades and tank lining are made from NI-Hard cast iron, giving excellent abrasion resistance and wear lifetime.



Sicoma OMG twin shaft mixer gearboxes
Twin shaft mixer gearboxes

The first reduction of the gearbox is carried out by a pulley transmission equipped with a constant-velocity universal joint to keep the shafts synchronised. The low input speed to the gearboxes allows the lubrication oil to work at low thermal load. Our unique gearbox housing gives a better rigidity to the coupling between the gearbox and the tank and makes the assembly and the possible maintenance of the bearings and the seals extremely easy.

Hydraulic power pack

Sicoma twin shaft mixer hydraulic power pack
Hydraulic power pack

A pressure sensor included in the hydraulic circuit guarantees door closure. And for safety and peace of mind, the additional manual discharge pump means can be used in the case of a power failure.

Alarm box

Sicoma omg twin shaft alarm box
Alarm box

The mixer is equipped with several sensors: thermal sensors for the motors and for the gearboxes, level gauges for the oil of the gearboxes and for the hydraulic power pack, level and pressure sensors for the automatic lubrication system. As an optional extra we can supply the Black Box, an electronic system that records type, number and duration of possible anomalies and alarms during the operation of the mixer.

Mixer lid and inspection hatches

Sicoma OMG twin shaft mixer top cover
Twin shaft top cover

Sicoma OMG supply mixer lids, including inspection hatches, in various formats. As standard, one full length mixer lid for inspection and maintenance. If required, this lid can be split in up to a number of sections and an additional lid could be put on the other side of the mixer.

Automatic lubrication

Sicoma OMG Twin shaft mixer lubrication
Twin shaft mixer lubrication

Because the grease needed by the seal is pumped automatically, the mixer gets exactly just the amount of grease it needs to keep moving parts fully lubricated, but without any contamination of the mix.

Extra-rigid mixer tank

Extra rigid Sicoma twin shaft mixer tank
Extra rigid mixer tank

The mixer’s extra stiff frame means it won’t deform even during a full load, and guarantees the shaft seals are always correctly aligned. The mixer tank is so solid that the extra frame for an aggregates hopper and scales can be laid onto the top of the mixer without needing any additional supports.

Inspection platform

You need a safe and easy way to inspect and maintain your twin shaft mixer, so our mixers come with an  inspection platform and stairs. Its modular design makes it easy to install on site, without the need for heavy lifting machinary.