sicoma omg twin shaft concrete mixers

Our twin shaft concrete mixers can cope with any mixing job

Twin shaft mixer showing shafts, arms and paddles

The most widely used, heavy duty twin-shaft models in the world today. Also known as double-shaft mixers, we have over 6000 in use today from ready-mix to precast, block, paver and dam applications.

Why choose a sicoma omg twin shaft mixer?

Twin shaft mixer showing shafts, arms and paddles
  • 24/7 continuous batch production
  • Central mixing reduces wear on outer liner tiles
  • Brinell 600 Ni-hard tiles give longer life with extra-abrasive aggregates, with quick and easy replacement
  • Patented triple shaft seals act as one-way value, with less grease use and no mix contamination
  • Gearboxes manufactured in-house
  • Oil-bath lubricated gearboxes and bearings reduces maintenance
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