sicoma omg planetary concrete mixers

Our planetary concrete mixers are world leaders

Planetary mixer showing arms and paddles

The world's best selling, hardest working planetary mixer. There are over 8000 Sicoma OMG planetary mixers in use around the world.

Planetary mixers are the industry standard for the most efficent mixing of all grades of concrete. The three blade 'egg whisk' mixing action on each head gives complete coverage of the entire floor of the mixing pan. The blades rotate on an everchanging axis, as the gearbox spins the blade carrying spider.

This means no segregation of aggregates, with heavier material migrating to the panwall, as is the case with standard rotating pan mixers. The mix from a planetary mixer is therefore more consistent.

Our planetary mixers give you stronger concrete, using less water and less cement, because the high consitentcy mix gets all stone cna sand fully coated with cement.

Cleaning of the pan is also simpler and quicker as there is no central turret to obstruct the operation. All blade adjustment and maintenance functions are carried out on top of the mixer, making the service much simpler and quicker.

What makes sicoma omg mixers the best?

Mixing arms and discharge paddles on a planetary mixer
  • Fast and thorough mixes for all types of dry-cast concrete
  • No dead spots
  • 30 second mixing time for most concrete mixes
  • Greater consistency, higher output and stronger mix
  • Fast and complete discharge
  • Hard wearing ni-hard cast-iron liner plates for floors and walls
  • Gearboxes manufactured in-house, double horizontal design is strong and shock resistant, with a horizontal oil bath to give every gear optimium lubriaction and cool running.


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